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Ohh, I wish it wouldnt take so long to get this song approved.

2009-06-16 16:52:58 by MainManLuke

Cant I just write em a letter and be like... hey.. my music isn't Copyright.. can you put it on your site now please? Thaaaaannks.


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2009-06-16 16:54:59

That would be nice. But don't worry after this one, all future submissions will instantly be in the portal.


2009-06-16 17:08:19

Nah, gotta wait =p, but yeah atleast its a one time thing.


2009-06-16 22:29:00

A wait of two weeks or so isn't unusual, what with there being only so many audio mods and quite a few first-time submitters every day. If it takes like, a month though, then you'd want to PM an audio mod and ask them what's up.